Social Work Early Entrepreneur Program - Pilot

The goal of the SWEEP program is to fill the gap between underserved populations and quality Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy

Services. The program will benefit these populations while providing an opportunity for early social workers to gain valuable

social work, entrepreneur, cognitive behavioral supervision and earn hours toward the LCSW licensure.


Please read carefully if you are interested in this program


The major area of focus are the following: 

1) $50 cost per therapy session with a sliding scale fee structure for the client.

2) CBT supervision - valuable supervision toward becoming an expert cognitive behavioral therapist. Earn supervision hours toward

LCSW, and grow within a cohort of fellow social workers (8 social workers per group). The supervision will be a group

supervision face to face or via internet conference. 1.5 hour per week for 3 weeks in the month. The forth week will be training


3) CBT and ACT training - Supervision would provide most of the CBT and ACT training, however 1.5 hour per month there will

be a mandatory CBT, ACT or other training session conducted face to face, or via internet conference. 

4) Sales and Marketing training - The sales and marketing portion of SWEEP will provide valuable training on how to reach the

underserved population, how to market via social networks.

5) Access to psychotherapy office - The program will provide elegant psychotherapy office space for psychotherapy sessions

in one of 2 locations (Wall St, Midtown).  

Social Worker Responsibility:

  • Attend ALL supervision meetings
  • Complete ALL group homework assignments
  • Build a client base of at least 8
  • Maintain current malpractice insurance
  • Work on 1 project (professional development, marketing, networking, etc)


This program offers no financial compensation to the social worker, and no cost to the social worker for supervision or training. The social worker will be part of a cohort of 8 that will grow together and become competent clinical social workers. Once their tenure is completed, they will be able to take their clients with them and start their own private practice should they choose to do so.


Interested New York State Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSW) are encouraged to apply to the Social Work Entrepreneur Program -

Pilot by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Each of my classes are taught as workshops. Psychotherapeutic theories are one thing, but practice is another. I emphasize practice in my classes. Role-plays, process recordings, and audio and video recordings are common as time allows. Presentations on assessment, conceptualization and interventions on various types of disorders within different cultures are also common in my classes. Each student is required to learn how to conduct a peer counseling session that covers the ABC's of REBT. 

ABC's                                                                                                            Peer Counseling Session

A - Activating Event                                                                                        1) Identify activating event

B - Beliefs                                                                                                     2) Identify emotion and behavior

C - Consequences                                                                                          3) Identify belief

D - Disputation                                                                                             4) B - C connection

E - Effective New Philosophy                                                                           5) Goal of session

                                                                                                                  6) Dispute belief 

                                                                                                                  7) New rational thought


                                                                                                                  8) Homework